Word Processor of the Gods

In “Word Processor of the Gods”, Richard Hagstrom is a stereotypical nice guy, with a sardonic, overweight wife named Lina, and an estranged son, Seth. When Richard’s good-hearted, fifteen-year-old nephew, Jonathan, is killed in a drunken driving accident by his own father, he inherits a handmade word processor that has had some interesting home adjustments. With the help of Mr. Nordoff, Jon’s neighbor, Richard hauls the sad looking piece of equipment into his study where he writes short stories and articles for extra income, in comparison to the full-time profession he dreams of. When Richard turns on the machine, he finds that this was to be his birthday present from the boy. The thing that stands out to him the most is that there is a key marked EXECUTE. Richard tries out the haphazard machine…

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January 1983




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